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12 July 2011 @ 03:21 am
NEWS - Summer Time Cover  
So~ I decided to post my Summer Time cover here since it's a fandom related thing. I'm still contemplating if I should post my other covers here as well. I'm not confident with my voice, I've never had any voice lesson and I'm not really that talented as well. Also, I am not a Japanese nor am I able to understand the language so my pronunciation may be a bit off.

And~ BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHIGE AND MASSU!! Shige, I'm sorry I didn't do anything special for your birthday. I wanted to do something but if I did, I would feel guilty for not doing anything for Massu's. So gomen to you both *clasps hands in front of face*

Chill out: Shige's party~
Feeling: nervousnervous